Saturday, August 30, 2008

Soundstage 2

I took the liberty to indulge myself in investigative journalism and squeezed myself into Bigfoot’s jumbolicious (doesn’t sound right does it?) studio. Always wondered what’s going on the innards of that structure.

I was left impressed with the size and scale of ‘almost’ everything in it. The ‘Eye Sore Award’ had to go the green painted plane (troubling as it may seem, it clearly resembled a beheaded monolithic duck).

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Profile: Isabelle Du

Being around models, gives that paralyzing aftermath on my spine, beautifully sculptured beings that walk amongst little men like me. However, behind that spine-tingling paralysis these goddesses lay upon me, they’re just average deities going through life’s journey, having their ambitions and aspirations in pursuit of happiness (whatever it may be) tucked behind those perfect 8 figures.

Recently sat down with Isabelle Du, a model, actress, and a body double for Bebe Pham (Deep Gold Leading Actress). Hailing from San Jose California at a fresh age of 23, having a Vietnamese, Chinese and French decent (err, she lost me at ‘Vietnamese’), this stunning beaut gives many a new angle of how breathtaking Euro-Asian Barbie Dolls can be. (But hey, don’t take my word for it; beauty’s a subjective devil).

Isabelle, as most models, is well traveled. She modeled in Thailand for 2 months before beginning shoot for Deep Gold and to add to her diverse portfolio, she did covers for EastWest Magazine, Audrey Magazine, and BN. As well as TV appearances for the Tyra Banks Show and Spike TV’s Manswers (which I initially spelled as Manseers, go figure. In fact, Isabelle was cute enough to write down the title for me).

Posted some Isabelle’s pics for your viewing pleasure (notice, no orgasmic modifier, let’s keep it clean people).

Want to see more? Visit Isabelle's site.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Deep Gold Production: Cam Blocked!

Filming of Deep Gold came to a screeching halt only after a day of resumed filming. According to Bec Piket, associate producer, production stopped due to some “set fine tunings” and issues regarding body doubles.

Guess the challenge of finishing and producing the film is a movie in itself – somebody’s got to capitalize the drama attached to these types of productions; the delays, conflicts and clashes, reality TV personified!

XOXO, you know you… oh s***, wrong blog! Darn it.

UPDATE: It seems production resumed, although on a minor scale as production awaits their maestro to return.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Deep Gold

The next entry to Bigfoot’s lineup of feature films, “Deep Gold”, is currently in the final phase of production according to the official press release.

(But get this: the last update was eons ago back in March.)

Directed and produced by the chief himself – a story about a Cebuana freediver named Amy who goes looking for her papi as he and a truckload of gold enigmatically goes missing en route to Central Bank in Manila.

(Deliver gold to Manila you say? Gold vanishing into thin air? Bet they reached stateside, perhaps a few steps short of Central Bank. It’s Manila after all -- ruled by warlords and kingpins. Government funds poof away here on a daily basis, nothing new, case closed. -- Next!)

But on a more serious note: so what caused the disappearance of such a valuable package, and the people delivering it? That’s where the Cebuana chick comes in – to unravel the mystery (say in a low, whispered voice) behind the strange disappearance of her boyfriend and the gazillion worth of gold. As she gets caught in a web of conspiracy and intrigue along the way, she uncovers a plot bigger than what she could’ve ever expected (pretty exciting stuff). Based on what I’ve seen, with regard to behind the scene footages, it’s promising on many fronts.

Included a sample vid for your viewing orgasmic pleasure.

To see the cast and production team in all its glory, you can visit Deep Gold’s official site right here.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The New Guy

Bigfoot's PR and Marketing Department

Brand spankin’ fresh in the PR and Marketing team, the virgin days has gone by swiftly. Introduced to some interesting people from various departments and teams make me feel optimistic bout working here, plus the fact that Cebuano’s always have this warm smile, irrelevant whether it’s sincere or not, either way, it has the same effect, your mere existence being recognized in a jovial and gleeful manner, who’d resent that?

My first official job as a writer feels like a bliss, getting paid for what you love doing, fantastic -- this is the way to live. Besides the conventional complaints of waking up early and doing a 9 to 5, or in Bigfoot’s case, 9 to 7 job, what else’s there to complain about?

Being a contractual has it perks such as non auto-deductions on compensation, but alas, this can’t go on forever, health benefits and paid leaves would be of necessity later on, as one grows older, body can’t take that much punishment as it used to. So a permanent job with benefits is the way to go kids.

Blogging experiences, observations, opinions within the premises, perhaps even the mundane could be transformed into exciting literary pieces. But that’s the thing; I wouldn’t have to settle for the mundane since there’s just a lot productions/projects going on in and around Bigfoot.

Content is abundant – a blogger’s wet dream.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


In anyone’s life there comes a time where you’d have to crawl your way out of your comfortable shell, for whatever reason it may be, desire for independence or perhaps the age old nightmare of being disowned. I fervently pushed for the former.

On a wet and humid afternoon, wearing nothing but a bacon gartered underwear in front of a radiating and irritatingly blinding monitor at home in Manila, Bigfoot gives me a ring. Exchanges went on for about month, negotiating minor details on lodging issues and compensation. Somehow, I just couldn’t resist the temptation of working in a high-end, fancy office with blonds randomly sprouting from corners. Oh, plus the fact that Fashion TV is affiliated with Bigfoot, and how can anyone forget those midnight shows on FTV? H.O.T.

Bigfoot's Lobby

The Lobby from another angle

Being the nerd-stricken, phlegm-swallowing boy that I am, signed the contract and took the next flight to Cebu. And here I am, typing on as a passionate (yes, hail to self-promotion) copywriter serving Michael Gleissner and his army of filmmakers.

Note to self, never believe pictures – they’re the new age devils. I feel like Adam & Eve squished into one atrocious walking mammal. White sand beach? What beach?!

A shot of the main Bigfoot building

A pristine and concrete open area between the main building and Casablanca apartments? More like a complex terrain of quasi hills and a fraction of the rain forest.

We can’t have everything can we, and even with all the superficial gripes and rants the Bigfoot premises rightly deserves, this is an adventure and experience that’s worth a peek.

(Post by Ricky Gonzalez)