Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving at Abaca

Thanksgiving this year was absolutely fun! We all participated in the year-old tradition of sharing what we were thankful for. Among the thanks, most were very happy with their close workmates whether filming "Tears from Afar" or back in the office. With so many actors and filmmakers coming from Los Angeles we had a turnout of over 50 employees at Abaca restaurant on Mactan Island.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

On site with the Bigfoot Foundation

Every other weekend, the orphans from the Albert Schweitzer Foundation come to Bigfoot Entertainment for a morning of activities, and as they're being picked up from Cordova (or when we go for a visit) we get to play with the kids and they do fun things like dance around on video. Fiona shot this short clip on her mobile phone, but a more hard-hitting documentary is being produced of their story and likely available by February.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tears from Afar: humor

Bigfoot is on the loose and shooting a new film called Tears From Afar. This film will shoot in the Philippines, Viet Nam and Florida. Though the subject matter is very serious, here is a fun look at at the production of the film. Above, Rick and Bebe smile for an in-car green screen shot.

The first rule (about to be broken by Rick) is you never use a hot set as you would in real-life.

bathtubs and bubbles! Adi attacks Bebe with a handful of bubbles :-)

Rick Robinson is having a peachy day with the Red Camera.

A.D. Jenni gives the camera a quirky look.

The crew take a quick break from working for a photo opp.
Photography by Johannes Bichmann

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Warning: explicit language, gore

At the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) students complete a series of projects in their studies. At the end of the basic level the 101 students or 101's do their "MOS" which is a film without dialogue. The 301's get to do a final thesis project and go all-out in terms of cast and locations and equipment used. The 201's are in between but nowhere near forgotten. They do great work and come out with quirky films like the one above, Beat Sushi Sushi. For more student films, visit the IAFT youtube channel.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Postcards from Cebu

We're working on a series of photographs showing the scenic parts of Cebu, for a series of postcards to send out to potential clients/students/friends. Take a peek at some of the work!

Eveningscape of Cebu

Cebu City Hall

IT park, in the heart of Cebu

Hilton Hotel on Mactan Island (really close to Bigfoot)
And lastly, a view of the bridge connecting Cebu City to Mactan Island as seen from the Cebu Yacht club (Highly recommended)

photography by

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tears from Afar: drama

Bigfoot is on the loose and shooting a new film called Tears From Afar. This film will shoot in the Philippines, Viet Nam and even Florida. Here is a serious look at at the film.

The first two shots are of our Vietnamese lead Thanh.

Bebe plays a victim of human trafficking in the film.

Thanh is shocked as he enters.

Here's an epic look at production designer John Sabato and producer Ashley Jordan. John looks just like Indiana Jones with that groovy hat of his!

Jimmy engineering sound.

Crazy Filmmaker Program students (of the International Academy of Film and Television) film Behind-the-scenes on the feature as part of their program.

Photography by Johannes Bichmann

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Uploaded by bigfootupload

"Within" is a film by Bigfoot Entertainment starring child actresses Mia Ford and Sammi Hanratty. Their relationship in the story is reminiscent of "The Good Son" meets "The Sixth Sense." Combine the haunting of evil spirits with the innocence of children and you're talking scary material! With writing from award-winning Rebecca Sonnenshine (The Haunting of Molly Hartley, American Zombie, Happily Even After) this is a suspenseful drama in a deceptively safe suburban environment. While the film is somewhat haunting for the average viewer, parents will find it especially disturbing as it explores the possibilities of children's unique connection with ghosts and spirits. BOO!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New IAFT images

The International Academy of Film and Television is rebranding itself with a series of more captivating images of student life and of life around Cebu. These are a few in the running for this new branding.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun, free photography seminar :-)

Today, the first day marks the beginning of the first session of my photo masterclass for employees and interns at Bigfoot Entertainment. I am including 70 links that will provide inspirational and practical material for the course. Check them out:

Zena Holloway
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Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir
Jill Greenberg
Joseph Cultice
Chase Jarvis
Vincent Laforet
Richard Avedon
Lawrence Winram
The Year in Pictures
Paolo Roversi
Joey Laurence
Thomas Tukker
Lane Coder
Russell James
Article on Denis Darzacq's Falling People
Art Partner
Janet Bordeninc
VH Artists
Jed Root Photographers/Talent
Lund Lund
Lithium Picnic
Michael Grecco
Mark Laita
John Michael Cooper
Building Blog
Douglas Menuez
Gray Scott
Jean Philippe Martin
Julius Von Bismarck - Image Fulgurator
Scott Harben
Greg Booth
Serlin Associates
Wing Chan
Philippe Halsman
Ten Movies every photographer should see
Mark Bugzester
Drip Book portfolio site
TD Photo
Martin Prihoda
Rick Kosick
Carbon Made
Lost at E Minor
Pinhole Day
BBC in pictures
David Griffin speaks about photography at Ted Talks

FYI, How to & technology
Learn at
Digital Photography Review - best for cameras specs
Lens Babies
B&H photo video - price check & equipment
Flickr - photo sharing
One Model Place
Hasselblad Cameras
Article on Tilt-shift lenses
Strobist - learn to light
Wet Pixel - underwater photography
Show us you lights! Lighting setups mandatory
Best Canon Lenses
American Society of Media Photographers
All Things Photography
Model Mayhem
Take Better photographs - Wikihow
A digital picture of Britain
Ray Ring Flash

Monday, November 10, 2008


Halloween at Bigfoot Entertainment! Need I say more?

Lori, Laurence and Daphne live it up at Tiki Bar

Tara and Tabatha won an award later that night for their vampire costumes!

MG and MG's twin Samim

This guy has a triangle for a head.

Nick jokes with the joker

"I'm Chris...I eat people"

Ben and Denise went as a prom couple

Katie, at the Tears from Afar office.

Chiqui and friends put on makeshift masks at Fashion TV
photography by

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shining Stars of the Bigfoot Foundation

The orphans of the Bigfoot Foundation's "Shining Stars" program performed the story of Noah for the Bigfoot film and school community. The show, led by employee Fiona Cross, was a big success all-around and contributed to the Foundation's vision of having young children participate in creative endeavors as part of their education and nurturing. It was as cute as it was entertaining!
These children come from the Albert Schweitzer Children’s Haven, an orphanage located in Cordova on Mactan Island. In December they will Christmas carol and put on another show on the Bigfoot campus.