Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ostrich with a Bigfoot

Emily Trempe takes you on a Filipino adventure with the Bigfoot Ostriches at Bigfoot Entertainment. Filmed for Bigfoot TV on site in Cebu, Philippines. Emily pulls off an Australian accent quite well, though at times I admit thought she may have been a South African. To commemorate the ostriches and our dear parodied Steve Irwin (RIP), here are a few ostrich facts for your trivial knowledge:
Ostriches lay the largest eggs of any species
Ostriches eat plants and bugs - insects!
Ostriches are from Africa
Osterich is commonly mispeled.
Ostriches are nomadic - they move from place to place in groups of 40 or 50
Ostriches run fast - 65+ kilometers per hour!
Ostriches are on the menu at BigBucks. Get your Ostrich burger today!

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